Forcepoint Data Protection

Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Empower People to protect data

Discover and control data everywhere it lives, whether in the cloud or on the network, via email and at the endpoint

Coach employees to make smart decisions, using messages that guide user actions, educate employees on policy and validate user intent when interacting with critical data.

Securely collaborate with trusted partners using policy-based auto-encryption that protects data as it moves outside your organization.

Machine learning

allows users to train the system to identify relevant, never-before-seen data. Users provide the engine with positive and negative examples to flag similar business documents, source code and more.

Fingerprinting of structured and unstructured data

allows data owners to define data types and identify full and partial matches across business documents, design plans and databases, and then apply the right control or policy that matches the data

Analytics identify changes in user behavior

as it relates to data interaction such as increased use of personal email.

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