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Cloud Solutions
Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Infrastructure can help any organization stay nimble along with cost savings. Our experts can help you seamlessly migrate to a cloud. We also can design a hybrid environment that can work effectively for mission critical systems that can achieve both business continuity & cost saving targets.

Managed Cloud Services

Managed cloud services helps businesses manage their cloud infrastructure more effectively reducing the operational costs and meet your availability metrics. We can bring balance to businesses with due concerns over risk, business continuity and cost savings.

Scaling & Optimization

Scalability is the best feature of cloud infrastructure, a fact missed out by many. Trace can help you build smart cloud strategies and use the scalability aspect to match load patterns dynamically. A truly optimized cloud infrastructure brings value to your investment with minimal risk to data loss.

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Secure VPN

A secure VPN can connect office or campus networks from different physical locations to access data seamlessly. Trace can help you build such an infrastructure with our certified network professionals


VPN network traffic must be encrypted so as not to allow snooping of the data passing through internet. Trace experts can configure VPN with industry wide security standards so that your business data is secure on the network.


Bandwidth and other contributing factors may adversely impact the VPN performance. We analyze your business needs and design a VON network that can work efficiently even on hybrid network environments.

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IT Security
Endpoint Security

PC and other peripheral devices act as the gateways to malicious software. Trace has the expertise to make sure that the endpoint security is effectively enforced to protect business networks from potential threats.

Pattern Recognition

A proper diagnostic data which allows for pattern recognition allows a more proactive approach to secure IT networks against data breach. Trace can design and implement a effective anti-virus infrastructure for your business.

Centralized management

A centralized management system that shows realtime threat analysis can help in managing the security of the office networks. Let us help secure your business data from unwanted security breaches and leaks.

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WiFi Communications

Configure your office wireless network to scale as you expand without adverse impact to your employees.

Radial Authentication

Seamless wireless connection on the go! Single sign-on for campus wide wireless network deployment helps productivity without requiring multiple logins

Centralized management

Dashboards to control the wireless network deployment, so you can monitor and act based on the upto the minute analytics.

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Data Backup & Recovery
Reliable Backups

We have the expertize to make sure that your backups are safe and secure on the servers. With RAID5 systems and critical diagnostics, we ensure that the systems are performing efficiently and more importantly reliably.


From security footage from CCTV network to application object backups, we can help design the right backup strategy for your business.

Easy Recovery

Our configuration allows business to recover from any disaster with an efficient backup management systems. Reduce your MTTR (Mean Time to Recovery) with confidence.

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