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Structured Cabling
Efficient Design & Layout

A proper design of the cable layout is essential to prevent excessive wiring material which in turn will increase the net cost. Rely on our expertise for efficient cabling design.

Adequate Testing

A thorough testing of the entire network cables is needed for an uninterrupted network operations. We have the right tools to verify the network layout for a high quality of service.


A well executed cable system allows for a easy to diagnose problem that may arise due to external factors such as rodents etc. We make sure that the network cables are layed for easy diagnostics for such issues.

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Firewall Configuration

We adhere to the latest best practices in the network security so your business can continue without any disruptions from any network security threats


Allowing the users to continue being productive by sorting out the legitimate traffic against undesired network traffic is the key to a successful firewall configuration.

Hybrid networks

Thorough analysis of your network considering any and all subnets with cloud infrastructure is needed for an effective network security.

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Managed IT Service
Systems Administration

Trace can help your with upkeep, configuration, and reliable operation of servers. We can reduce your operational costs when it comes to upgrades, software & security patches while proactively monitor for symptoms of disk and other common hardware device failures.

Network Administration

We can create and manage self-healing network management through our highly skilled and certified network professionals on budget. We can remotely monitor, identify network issues through custom built network tools.

Database Administration

Trace can manage most of the databases currently operating in the industry. We can monitor, backup, recover, troubleshoot and optimize your database so that the business applications can continue to operate without any disruption.

Data Encryption

Trace keeps up with the latest developments in data encryption technologies so that our clients get the most secure and reliable data encryption systems. Invest in encryption to protect your data from hackers, leaks and other malware.

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IT Outsourcing
Skilled Labor

We source the best and the brightest IT resources in the industry to make sure that our clients get the work done with a commitment to top quality results.

Project Management

All the outsourcing work is adequately managed with a well defined project management process to ensure that our clients expectations are met within the agreed timelines

Outstanding Results

We serve both small & large outsourcing projects from various IT sectors. Our internal processes are well defined to give all our clients the best professional outsourcing experience.

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